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  • |Mar 28, 2024

Hoppscotch v2024.3.0: Access Control, Variable Scopes and more

Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns
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Hoppscotch simplifies testing your APIs with our user-friendly API testing client, helping you deliver software more rapidly.

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The Hoppscotch team has been working tirelessly for the past two months! Our first major release of the year, Hoppscotch v2024.3.0, is designed to provide you with improved and advanced features for testing your APIs and managing your team.

OAuth 2.0 - Grant Types

OAuth 2.0 is an industry-standard authorization protocol. It allows third-party applications to gain limited access to a web service on behalf of a user, without exposing the user's credentials.

In OAuth 2.0, grant types are methods that a client application can use to obtain an access token. With the introduction of Grant Types in Hoppscotch, you can now set the grant type as any of the following options:

  • Authorization Code
  • Authorization Code using PKCE
  • Client Credentials
  • Password Credentials
  • Implicit
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In this release, we've reconsidered our approach to variables in Hoppscotch and are introducing variable scopes.

Variable Scopes

Hoppscotch provides different variable scopes, allowing you to use various scopes for different contexts.

  • Global Variables: These can be accessed throughout Hoppscotch and have the broadest scope of all variables.
  • Environment Variables: These allow your variables to be scoped to a specific environment. Environment variables are useful when you have the same set of variables for two environments, such as production and staging.
  • Request Variables: These are scoped to an individual request. Request variables are useful when you want to use variables in your URL path or when you want to embed a URL variable.
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Secret Variables

We've also introduced secret variables in our point release last month. A secret variable allows users to specify secrets and reference the values as variables. The values of secret variables in any workspace will never be synced to the server or shared with any workspace members. Read more.

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Search Your Collections Using Spotlight

Now you can search your team and personal collection using Spotlight! Just use command + K.

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Access Controls & New Login Providers on Self-Hosted Enterprise

Hoppscotch enterprise gets some extra attention! You can now set up access controls on Hoppscotch enterprise.

  • Site protection: This allows only logged-in users to use Hoppscotch.
  • Domain whitelisting: This makes it easy to approve all users within your organization to access Hoppscotch.
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We're also adding a few new providers to give you more options:

  • OIDC-based single sign-on: This allows you to configure any OIDC provider you want with Hoppscotch.
  • GitHub Enterprise auth: This enables you to use GitHub Enterprise OAuth for your organization.

We need you help to constantly improve Hoppscotch so that we can make it easier for you to build better software! Write to us at or head over to our GitHub repository if you have any feedback about Hoppscotch!