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  • |Jun 28, 2024

Hoppscotch v2024.6.0: Collection Runner on CLI, Team Invite Links, Client Certificates, and more

Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns
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Hoppscotch is a super simple API client. You can easily get started with Hoppscotch using our web application or desktop app, and collaborate with your team via our cloud! Now, if you prefer hosting on your own, check out Hoppscotch Self-Host Editions and deploy Hoppscotch on your servers.

With our latest release v2024.6.0, we're taking a step forward in building out our Hoppscotch ecosystem of products as well as bringing some cool features across the cloud API client and our self-hosted products!

Connect your CLI with the API client

Hoppscotch CLI can now connect with your API client and run collections that are present in shared workspaces.

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To run the collections present in your API client, you need to create a personal access token! Once the personal access token is created, you can right-click any collection, select Run Collection, copy the command you see, and run it on the CLI!

To run a collection present in the Hoppscotch cloud, the command looks like the one below:

hopp test -e <environment_id> -d <delay_in_ms> <hoppscotch_collection_id> --token <access_token>

You can also run a collection present on your self-hosted instance by passing your server URL as an argument:

hopp test -e <environment_id> -d <delay_in_ms> <hoppscotch_collection_id> --token <access_token> --server <server_url>

Read more about running a collection using the CLI.

Client Certificates on the Hoppscotch App

We've brought the ability to add client certificates to authenticate requests on the Hoppscotch desktop app! You can now use a .pem or .pfx/.pkcs12 certificate to authenticate your requests to a configured domain. Once set up, these certificates are applied whenever you request HTTP to your specified domains.

Read more about setting up client certificates on the Hoppscotch.

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Custom Banners

Custom banners allow the self-host admin to share important announcements such as a scheduled maintenance or instance upgrade with the rest of your team! Banners are exclusive to Hoppscotch self-host enterprise, and you can read more about it here.

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Active Users

Self-host admins can now see the last active time of the users in your organization via the user management page on the Hoppscotch Admin dashboard, making it easy for you to manage inactive users on the app.

That's it for the June release, a big thanks to all our contributors and supporters, and thank you so much for reading! If you've any feedback, contact us at - we'd love to hear from you!