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  • |August 31, 2023

Introducing Hoppscotch Enterprise Edition

Liyas Thomas
Liyas Thomas
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We are thrilled to reveal our Hoppscotch August Release, version 2023.8.0! Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to bring you an array of exhilarating enhancements and innovative features that have been requested by our dynamic community. This release is all about elevating your API testing experience to unprecedented heights, and we cannot wait for you to explore the transformative power it brings.

Hoppscotch Self-Host Enterprise Edition

Hoppscotch is one of the most beloved API testing tools available, and our community has consistently expressed their desire to see Hoppscotch become enterprise-ready. We are thrilled to announce that Hoppscotch Enterprise is now available. Hoppscotch Enterprise caters to all the requirements of your organization, with the added benefit of data ownership. Hoppscotch Self-Host Enterprise enables you to deploy your instance on-premises and take control of your data.


But that's not all – the Hoppscotch Self-Host Enterprise edition comes with a treasure trove of additional features including:

  • SAML-based Single Sign-On Support: Take the reins of user authentication and authorization with this cutting-edge addition, giving your organization complete control over access to Hoppscotch.
  • Activity Monitoring for Organizational Administrators: Empower your administrators with the ability to oversee and track activities on the platform, ensuring a secure and smooth operation using audit logs.

Seize the opportunity and book a demo with us today to witness the transformation that Hoppscotch Enterprise can bring to your organization.


Spotlight — New way to navigate Hoppscotch

Introducing Spotlight Search, a new way to interact with Hoppscotch. No more navigating through complex menus or searching for specific options. With Spotlight Search, you can swiftly access every corner of Hoppscotch by simply pressing Command + K or Control + K and typing in what you want to do. You can access every corner of Hoppscotch effortlessly. It's a swift, streamlined, and intuitive approach that enhances your interaction with the platform.

Inspections — Debug your APIs with ease

Hoppscotch now comes equipped with the Inspections feature that not only alerts you to misconfiguration but also guides you toward the exact point of correction. Debugging your API requests has never been easier, reducing errors caused by misconfigured settings.

Context Menus — Assist content-aware actions

Context-aware menus assist you in swiftly executing actions on text and elements. Just select a piece of text and hover over it to reveal the available actions you can perform. Context Menus on text elements help you create variables and even add query parameters to the parameters tab easily.

What's more? we've extended the context menus to tabs — rename, duplicate, and close them effortlessly with just a right-click.

GraphQL Client — Upgraded for speed

Embrace a superior GraphQL experience with this release. Enjoy tab support for working on different connections and seamlessly switch between various queries within a single tab. The GraphQL client has received a significant upgrade, amplifying your productivity and effectiveness.

  • Multi-Query Capabilities: Embrace the freedom to write and execute multiple queries within a single tab. This flexibility streamlines your workflow, reducing the clutter of numerous tabs while empowering you to accomplish more in less time.
  • Seamless Connection Switching with Tabs: We've reimagined the way you manage connections on GraphQL. Our revamped interface introduces multiple tabs, each dedicated to a specific connection. This means you can seamlessly switch between different connections.

We've taken extra steps to enhance the Hoppscotch experience in every possible way. Enjoy additional features like URL auto-completion as you type, quick access to environment variables, and a finely tuned performance that promises the smoothest experience yet.

At Hoppscotch, innovation is our driving force. We're on an unrelenting journey to provide you with the pinnacle of API development and testing experiences. The excitement is palpable as we invite you to explore these features, harness their capabilities, and seamlessly integrate them into your workflow. As we embark on this thrilling chapter, your feedback remains a guiding light, shaping the future of Hoppscotch.

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey.
The Hoppscotch Team