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Everything You Need

Hoppscotch got everything you need to make API development easy.


Create workspaces for your teams.

Access-Level Roles

Control access to your workspaces.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work together with your team in real-time.

On-Prem Deployment

Deploy Hoppscotch on your own servers.

Collections & Folders

Organize your requests in collections or folders and share them with your team.

Environment Variables

Manage your environment variables and use them everywhere.


View and manage your request history.

Pre-Request Scripts

Modify headers, authenticate requests, generate random data, and much more.

Post Request Tests

Test your APIs and write assertions for the response.


Use Hoppscotch in your native language. We support 30+ languages.

Audit Logs

Track all the activities in your workspace. Who did what and when.


Use your existing SSO provider to login to Hoppscotch.

Admin Dashboard

Manage your users, workspaces, and more.

Tools for Power Users

Faster. Smarter.

Designed for developers, by developers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for everything.


Access the command palette by pressing CMD+K and type your query for results.

Send request
Save request
Save as new request
Rename request
Open in new tab
Duplicate request

Built on top of open-source technologies and contributions.

Lightweight and Snappy

Designed to be seamless and instant. 150ms interactions and animations.

Built for Collaboration

Collaborate with your team in real-time. Share collections and environments.

Highly Customizable

Make it your own. Customize the theme, layout, and more.

Filter and Sort

See only what you need. Filter and sort response and collections.

Cross-Platform Apps

Works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Web and CLI. Take your work anywhere.

Safe and Secure

Designed to keep your data safe and protected.

API Client

Unlock Your Potential

Create APIs faster, test them instantly, document and share them automatically.

All-In-One Platform

From prototyping to production - develop without switching tabs.

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