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  • |Dec 19, 2023

Hoppscotch v2023.12.0: Better API testing capabilities and more

Kiran Johns
Kiran Johns
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At Hoppscotch, we're creating an API development ecosystem to help you ship software faster. Easily test your APIs anytime, anywhere—no signup required! We've made Hoppscotch even better because you deserve the best. Try Hoppscotch now and collaborate with your team to test APIs in just minutes!

We're excited to share what we've been working on the past few months with the launch of our latest release, Hoppscotch v2023.12.0! This release is all about providing you with better API testing capabilities, collaboration features, and an overall improved app experience and performance!

Collection-level authorization and header

When working with numerous requests within a collection, setting authorization and header configurations for each request with identical settings can be cumbersome. With our latest release, you can now add authorization and header settings at the collection level. Right-click on the collection to edit its properties, where you can set headers and authorization settings for all requests within the collection.

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Requests or folders within the collection can choose to either inherit the properties of the root collection or override them.

Easily share your API requests with anyone

Sharing your work is now easier than ever! With our enhanced experience for sharing a request, you can simply right-click on any saved request and share it, making it effortless for others to discover and engage with your API requests. You can share a request in three ways:

  • Links: Generate a raw, HTML, or Markdown link to the request.
  • Buttons: Generate a button with a link to the request that can be added to an HTML or Markdown file.
  • Embeds: Create a mini version of Hoppscotch that you can embed in an HTML page, allowing your audience to interact with your API request.
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Sharing a request doesn't grant others access to the original data; it simply provides them with a copy to use. Therefore, if a shared request contains environment variables, it will not function properly, and it is advisable to replace the environment variable with its corresponding value before sharing.

Easily manage your self-hosted server configurations

We've also made improvements to Hoppscotch's self-host feature. You can manage your server configurations directly from the self-host admin dashboard. You can configure authentication providers, as well as manage your SMTP settings from the dashboard. For self-hosted enterprise versions, you can use the dashboard to configure your license and set up extra services like audit logs.

The Hoppscotch Desktop app has also received numerous updates and improvements! The size of the Hoppscotch app installer on a Mac has been reduced to just 10MB!

We've introduced several other improvements, including the option to add subpath-based access for the admin dashboard and Hoppscotch backend instead of port-based access. With this update, you can choose between configuring port-based access or subpath-based access. If subpath-based access is enabled, you can access the Hoppscotch backend and admin dashboard at and We will gradually migrate away from port-based access for the self-host admin dashboard and backend in the future.

Spotlight search has received some enhancements. Now, you can directly search the Hoppscotch documentation from within the app.

We've also implemented stability and performance improvements to our web and desktop app on Hoppscotch Cloud, making your API testing even faster and smoother!

That's it for this release. You can read the entire v2023.12.0 release changelog. We'd love to see how all these improvements will help you develop and test your APIs, enabling you to ship your products faster! If you'd like to provide feedback on anything we've shipped for this release or even general feedback, please let us know on our GitHub repository or reach out to us at