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November 08, 2023

Introducing Hoppscotch Desktop App

Hoppscotch Desktop App is a cross-platform desktop application built with Tauri and Hoppscotch Web Client. It is a standalone version of Hoppscotch that can be installed on your computer and used without a browser. Hoppscotch Desktop App is currently in alpha and is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Download Hoppscotch Desktop App

Desktop Application (Alpha)

The Hoppscotch Desktop app has been a highly requested product by our community. We've been listening and are excited to announce that the day has finally arrived - today marks the launch of the public alpha version of the Hoppscotch Desktop App for macOS, Windows, and Linux!

Read more about Hoppscotch Desktop App on our blog.

  • Cookies support in Hoppscotch Desktop App.
  • GraphQL page crashing and broken syntax highlighting.
  • Mailer templates missing.
  • Deprecated status missing in GraphQL query.
  • Bump dependencies.
  • Updated translations to reflect latest strings.
  • Enforced pre-commit type checks.