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September 18, 2023

v2023.8.1 Improvement

Bug fixes and performance improvements

We dedicate this release to Abraham Raji, a free/libre software advocate, "Treat people as you expect to be treated" advocate and a Debian developer.

  • Re-introduce support for arm64 for Docker Hub containers.
  • Removed zen mode from the app.
  • Remove font sizes from the app.
  • Broken link to REST API Testing docs.
  • Unusual behavior while scrolling through spotlight entries.
  • Context-menu position while scrolling.
  • Duplicate tab reference bug.
  • Dirty tab count incorrect when closing tabs.
  • Sticky searchbar hidden in codemirror.
  • Scrollbar from smart envInput component in Firefox.
  • Missing baseurl on import from OpenAPI specification.
  • Updated i18n strings for Vietnamese, Indonesian and Russian languages.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now supports different keyboard layouts including Dvorak.
  • Update error messages.