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March 28, 2024

v2024.3.0 Improvement Feature

Bug fixes and performance improvements

This is a major release with new features like request variables, improved admin dashboard UX, introduction of search for teams along with some minor bug fixes and improvements. Visit to learn more!

  • OAuth 2.0 revamp, plus support for multiple Grant Types.
  • Team search in workspace search and spotlight.
  • Focus codemirror view when ImportCurl component launched.
  • Extended support for versioned entities in the CLI.
  • Support simultaneous imports of collections and environments.
  • Enhanced user management in admin dashboard.
  • Use tags as folders when importing from OpenAPI.
  • Request variables.
  • OIDC-based SSO.
  • Updated teams nomenclature in admin dashboard to workspaces.
  • Removed restore tab popup and its functionalities.
  • AIO healthcheck bash script.
  • Improvements to pending invites page in dashboard.
  • Context menu bug and incorrect position.
  • Reset infra-config bug.
  • Incorrect translation strings.
  • Collection-level Authentication headers tab update bug.
  • Direct import from URL failing.
  • Workspace list not loading.
  • Request failing on change content-type to multipart-formdata.
  • Can't import curl command with data-urlencode.
  • Lint errors removed by using satisfies or as for type.