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June 28th 2024

Release Notes - v2024.6.0

Major upgrades to CLI, Client Certificates and more…

New Features

Hoppscotch CLI gets a major upgrade

Hoppscotch CLI can now connect with your workspaces on Hoppscotch Cloud and Hoppscotch Self-Hosted versions, making it easy for you to run your collections and tests using the CLI for CI/CD. Read more about how you can integrate Hoppscotch CLI with your API client on cloud or self-hosted instances.

Client Certificates

You can now configure client certificates on the Hoppscotch Desktop app to connect to APIs using mTLS. Read more about it here, and click here to download the Hoppscotch Desktop app!

Custom Banners

Self-hosted enterprise admins can now alert users of the organization about scheduled maintenance and other information.

Read the entire release blog

Other updates

  • Personal access tokens
  • Custom banner alerts for self-hosted enterprise admins
  • User's last active time on self-hosted admin dashboard
  • CodeMirror styling issue
  • Code generation user experience
  • Unwanted variable wrapping when importing from Insomnia
  • App performance
  • Bumped dependencies